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yeah, yeah. i get it. september 18, destiel anniversary, the day it all started. this really is a big date to all of us. but there’s someone else who’s also a huge part of this date, someone fundamental, someone who sacrificed everything. thanks to that amazing person who…

Filed under God bless you Jimmy seriously jimmy doesn't get enough credit he sacrificed EVERYTHING to be castiel's vessel his body and soul is literally broken down every day since he agreed to be castiel's vessel he had to leave his family even though it hurt him and then he begged castiel to take him back as a vessel just so his daughter wouldn't have to go through what he did im getting so emotional right now everybody in this fandom needs to at least appreciate jimmy bless bless him Its A Supernatural Thing

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If you’re always questioning and allowing yourself to be humble enough to take your licks and accept the idea that your work can always be improved, then you’re much more inclined to learn from other people’s projects and become better.
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4x01 "Lazarus Rising"

"And why would an angel rescue me from hell?

6 years, 2.190 days, 52.560 hours, 3.153.600 minutes, 189.216.000 seconds. And the very first one started here.

A frienship. Between a human and an angel. A friendship that lasted through hell, heaven and purgatory. A friendship that was tested and spun thin, but never broken. And it all started here.

A more profound bound. Between two people. Understanding one another without words. Able to read one another with just once glance, with just one touch. And it all started here.

On thursday, September 18th, 2008 in a barn in Pontiac, Illinois.

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